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June, 2014


Night Falls in Glacier NP

By On June 30, 2014

Honestly, this should have been a day unworthy of a picture or a post. At least that’s true for the first 95 percent of it. We slept in … again, and stayed… Read More


The Drive to Kintla Lake

By On June 29, 2014

The rain continued through the night and kept the coach downright cold. After our experience in Collier – where the heat pump auto-switched over to the not-yet-broken-in furnace and filled our trailer with smoke, setting off… Read More


Journey into the Wild

By On June 28, 2014

It was a short drive from Alberton to the Fish Creek Campground near West Glacier Village where we were scheduled to dry camp over the next three days. So we slept in… Read More


The Long Drive

By On June 27, 2014

Today was a travel day. A long one. Five hundred fifty two miles to be exact, and that doesn’t include the miscellaneous turn-arounds we had to do through some construction zones and… Read More


Bend – Oasis in Central Oregon

By On June 26, 2014

Bend was an oasis (high speed wifi, hot showers, laundry rooms, AC power, large and well-stocked grocery stores…), and the last such place for the next several weeks. From here, we aimed… Read More


Rare Pizza Shark Sighting in Bend

By On June 21, 2014

Among the many benefits of camping is the food. Despite the limited food options (try finding a well-stocked grocery store in any popular camping area) and the lack of proper tools, there’s… Read More


A Down Day

By On June 20, 2014

We had a final breakfast with our friends, returning to Melita’s for a little country cookin’. Lots of biscuits, gravy, eggs and syrup for everyone. Our journey began in the company of… Read More


Collier Logging Museum

By On June 19, 2014

About a mile from the campground, along the clear, cold (very cold) waters of Spring Creek, down a winding dirt trail, under US-97 and across a pine wood bridge is the Collier… Read More


Crater Lake

By On June 18, 2014

On our way out to Crater Lake, I discovered that this part of the wilderness doesn’t have fuel stations everywhere and had to turn the group back to the nearest station I… Read More


From Lassen to Central Oregon

By On June 17, 2014

It wasn’t easy to leave the Lassen area, but we headed north toward Crater Lake National Park. The drive along CA-44/89 North took us past MacArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, where we… Read More


Climbing Up and Into a Volcano

By On June 16, 2014

We set out early with lunches packed, hiking gear on, walkie-talkies charged and a goal – to climb Cinder Cone in the upper northeast corner of Lassen National Park. The main areas… Read More


Father’s Day on the Road

By On June 15, 2014

What do you do on Father’s Day? For me, it’s about re-balancing the universe – spending time with my family … maybe having a nap. Ang made a Jalapeno/Quinoa scramble for breakfast… Read More


Bumpass Hell is a Funny Name & Stinks Too

By On June 14, 2014

We woke early, feasted on packaged donuts, downed coffee or juice or water, fed the dog, prepared lunches, gathered ‘layers’, straightened the campsite and locked down the bikes, and set out for… Read More


Real Diner Eatin’ and Lava Tubes

By On June 13, 2014

We slept in. A non-negotiable after spending the past few weeks selling and/or storing everything we own, and saying farewell (even if temporarily) to everybody and everything you’ve known for the past… Read More


The Journey Begins

By On June 12, 2014

The first stop on our journey was to meet friends at the Shingletown KOA campground – our home base for the next few days of exploring Lassen National Park in northeast California. However, a… Read More