Anderway (pronounced on-der-way) is a journal of our family’s world travels.

The idea of disconnecting from the daily routine and traveling for an extended period wasn’t new in our family. It was always on the back burner, something that fueled “what if?” conversations…but seemed more likely to happen in retirement. But then, “what if?” turned into “why not now?”, and there was no looking back.

We took several months to sell our home, donate and store belongings and say goodbye to our wonderful friends.  Then in June 2014 Mark, Angela, Ronan, Asher and Timber began the journey – and we haven’t decided when it will end.

Our goal is to experience the world and learn. In our hyper-connected, on-demand society, the world has been sped up and made smaller. We aim to slow down. Inhale deeply…and make the world big again.