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Namibia – Lost Among the Red Dune Mountains

By On November 23, 2015

We were lost, wandering the desert wilderness for about 45 minutes just north of Tsumeb (soo-meb). Worry was setting in. No map. No food. Only a quarter tank of gas in a… Read More


Brazil – Where Danger Lurks

By On September 30, 2015

Asher and I were standing at the end of a three-meter long tree stump that was stretched out over the fastest part of the Salobra River. We were nervous. Beneath us, schools… Read More


Alaska – An Epic Loop to the Arctic Circle

By On August 31, 2015

He was our neighbor for six days in Fairbanks and we spoke every morning and evening, but I knew nearly nothing about the man; nothing except that our dog, who usually barks… Read More


Laos – Land of the Red Sun

By On April 5, 2015

It was night when we landed; as we walked a quarter mile across the tarmac to the terminal, flakes of black ash gently spun around us like maple seeds in dry August.… Read More


New Zealand – Glaciers, Kayaks & Doctors

By On March 21, 2015

Early starts are part and parcel to life on the road, but getting the family up at 1:00a to drive an hour and a half for a 5:00a flight from Cairns, AU to… Read More


Australia – Mountains, Jungles and the Great Barrier Reef

By On March 2, 2015

Travel days aren’t all bad. An eight-hour drive or 12-hour flight can be uneventful and even pleasant. The day we drove from Canberra to Melbourne was NOT one of those days. The… Read More


Croatia – An Illyrian Garden

By On October 16, 2014

Croatia was a tabula rasa for me. I knew it was part of the former Yugoslavia and that it inhabited a long stretch of beachfront along the Adriatic, which I imagined was… Read More


Switzerland – Wanderwege und Bahnhöfen

By On October 10, 2014

BRITTANY TO BASEL…BARELY There should be a Nobel Prize offered for travel coordination. After all, the underlying mechanics are complicated – factoring in distances, speed, language proficiency, transfers, pick-ups and drop-offs, petrol… Read More


France – Normandy & Brittany

By On September 28, 2014

ESCAPE FROM PARIS After picking up our rental car at Gare du Nord and navigating a mid-size station wagon out of a compact size parking spot and up an economy size ramp,… Read More


Iceland – The Wild Finish

By On August 31, 2014

Technically it was still summer, August 28th, and the sky harbored a bright and shiny sun. But the air smelled like fall. The hosts at the Hildibrand Hotel had set us up with… Read More


Iceland – Flirting with the Arctic Circle

By On August 27, 2014

It was Monday, August 25th, and the weather was blustery and dark with powerful wind gusts that climbed the bluffs and pounded our car. Even the short 50 meter walk to breakfast… Read More


The Visit to Yellowstone National Park

By On July 24, 2014

We got an early start to drive through Yellowstone National Park. Originally, we had NO intention of visiting the Yellowstone simply because it would be too crowded and too chaotic for us to enjoy.… Read More


Epic Hike Around Jenny Lake

By On July 23, 2014

I awoke earlier than the rest of the crew – earlier even than Asher, which is a rarity – and decided to run. Given the risks of running alone on trails in Grand… Read More


Wind Cave National Park & Custer State Park

By On July 18, 2014

By Friday morning a lot of our fellow campers had packed and headed out, with a fresh batch likely to arrive in the afternoon. Although Hill City is a good hour or… Read More


The Green Side of the Moon

By On July 13, 2014

We were sad that it was our final day in Badlands NP. The Cedar Pass Campground had been an incredible basecamp even though it only had electricity. The austere landscape was so tranquil.… Read More


Off the Beaten Path in the Badlands

By On July 12, 2014

The weather in the Badlands is notorious for being very, very hot in the summer – and unpredictable. We lucked out as our journey followed a cool front from Canada that gave us… Read More


Big Bison & Real Cowboys

By On July 9, 2014

Fog settled in the bottom of the river basin and wrapped the campground in cool damp air. It was a perfect morning to sleep in, but I was awake. Trying not to… Read More


A National Park to Ourselves

By On July 7, 2014

We awoke to a rain storm this morning. It was fairly light, just enough to cool the air and suppress the insects a bit. We packed lunches and headed to the North… Read More


Snow Dogs, Mountain Goats & Fire on the Fourth

By On July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day! The loud flapping sound outside of our coach told us two things. First, that it was windy. Very windy in fact, such that I had to roll up our… Read More


Why the Bear Crossed the Road

By On July 3, 2014

After a breakfast of pancakes, we drove up to Many Glacier for a day of hiking. Our “next door neighbor” at the KOA campground, a parole officer from Illinois, showed us pictures… Read More