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Namibia – Lost Among the Red Dune Mountains

By On November 23, 2015

We were lost, wandering the desert wilderness for about 45 minutes just north of Tsumeb (soo-meb). Worry was setting in. No map. No food. Only a quarter tank of gas in a… Read More


Alaska – An Epic Loop to the Arctic Circle

By On August 31, 2015

He was our neighbor for six days in Fairbanks and we spoke every morning and evening, but I knew nearly nothing about the man; nothing except that our dog, who usually barks… Read More


Vietnam – Irony Wears a Hammer & Sickle T-Shirt

By On April 2, 2015

Vietnam is a land loaded with irony. You can buy hammer and sickle t-shirts, Che Guevara hats and Ho Chi Minh era propaganda posters just about anywhere. Breathtaking landscapes are occasionally obscured… Read More


United States – Holiday Road

By On February 8, 2015

We were on a mission to travel more than three thousand miles across the U.S. between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The trip would take us through rough terrain and crazy weather in… Read More


Germany – Past, Present & Future

By On November 12, 2014

My grandfather always said where the eye rests, there too does your focus. Despite Berlin’s more than 900-year history, the mind naturally rests on its most recent past. It’s almost as if… Read More


Budapest – Where Everyone is a Local

By On October 29, 2014

Hungary has been free from the Soviet puppet show for 25 years, but my formative years were in the midst of the Cold War. It was the Eighties with Reagan in office… Read More


Croatia – A Leap of Faith

By On October 22, 2014

Leaving the town of Split in broad daylight was a lot easier then entering it in the dark. We decided to skip seeing Diocletian’s Palace as most of the reviews compared its… Read More


Croatia – An Illyrian Garden

By On October 16, 2014

Croatia was a tabula rasa for me. I knew it was part of the former Yugoslavia and that it inhabited a long stretch of beachfront along the Adriatic, which I imagined was… Read More


Venice – The Papal Blessing

By On October 13, 2014

We spent quite a bit of time debating whether to skip Venice in favor of somewhere less touristy. Surprising perhaps given the city’s rich history, sheer beauty and standing in the world of… Read More


Switzerland – Wanderwege und Bahnhöfen

By On October 10, 2014

BRITTANY TO BASEL…BARELY There should be a Nobel Prize offered for travel coordination. After all, the underlying mechanics are complicated – factoring in distances, speed, language proficiency, transfers, pick-ups and drop-offs, petrol… Read More


France – Normandy & Brittany

By On September 28, 2014

ESCAPE FROM PARIS After picking up our rental car at Gare du Nord and navigating a mid-size station wagon out of a compact size parking spot and up an economy size ramp,… Read More


France – Life in Paris

By On September 23, 2014

It’s only two hours and 16 minutes on the high-speed Eurostar train from London’s St. Pancras International to Paris’ Gare du Nord. Although both cities are among the top travel destinations in… Read More


Portland – Great Times with Friends

By On August 2, 2014

We awoke excited to spend the day with some of our favorite friends in one of our favorite towns – Portland. While Angela ran a few errands, I took the boys for an introduction… Read More


The De Facto Mayor of Boise

By On July 31, 2014

In Boise, we hunkered down for a day to catch up on things – laundry, emails and a first day of schoolwork for the boys. The outside temperature was scheduled to be… Read More


Grandparents Visit in Jackson Wyoming

By On July 28, 2014

Joan and Russ (aka Grandma and Grandpa) joined us for our last few days in the Jackson/Teton area. It was a special treat on a road trip that was mostly just the… Read More


Work Day in Medora

By On July 8, 2014

Because it was going to be hot and humid and we had a fair amount of travel planning to do, we headed into Medora to find good connectivity for phones and Internet.… Read More


West Glacier to St. Mary

By On July 1, 2014

Today was moving day – from Fish Creek on the west side of Glacier NP to St. Mary – Glacier Park KOA on the east side. Easy drive. Ninety nine point six… Read More